Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thankful for..part 10

Have you ever wondered what life now would be like without the internet? I mean, it has made doing certain things so much quicker and easier. There's online banking, shopping, blogging, Netflix, news, games, Google, email and everything in between. Need a recipe for supper tonight? Not sure who won the football game? Its all right at your fingertips. I take it for granted because I pretty much grew up with the internet, but there were times before the World Wide Web when you had to actually go to a store to shop and drive uptown to do your banking and rent a movie. There's so much I do on the internet, I would be lost without it. Just today, I ordered my photo Christmas cards (1 cent each by the way!!), rented movies on Netflix, and bid on some Christmas ornaments on Ebay-which by the way, I did not win :( The internet has definately changed the way we all live our lives:)

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