Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Early Bird

I don't know if its the time change or what, but the past 2 days, Kenzie has been up and dressed and ready to go before I even get my lazy butt outta bed! Its such a change for her. Normally, I have to go in her room and keep bugging her to get up and dressed as she lays there and tries to go back to sleep. Well, since we changed the time back, it is actually light out by the time we get up so I think that is helping her get up. Well, its either that, or the cat is waking her up. Either way, I'm not complaining:)


jodi said...

wow that is so impressive you have trained your little girly to be even better than you!! (i didn't think that was possible) jk have a great day

Sara T said...

I wish I could be that way. I'm not a morning person and I seem like I am always running behind.

Green's said...

LOL... I know the feeling only my kids are up @ 5am! lol. O well. Glad it's going well there!

Miss yas!