Monday, April 9, 2012

This n' that

Hey everyone!!  Hope everyone had a nice Easter!  We enjoyed ours.  We didn't do anything special really.  The kids opened their baskets bright and early Sunday morning (I was up way earlier than I would have liked, lol!!)  We dyed some eggs, then later in the day made them into deviled eggs.  The night before we grilled some hotdogs outside and roasted marshmallows.  It was a fun time!! It had been a while since we had done that.  It was nice to spend some time outside.  The weather has been gorgeous lately!  There isn't much variety to the weather here.  Its pretty much the same everyday, which I like if its nice.  Its been sunny and low 80's so I'm not complaining.  I know hotter weather will be here shortly.

We will be heading to IL for my brother's wedding this weekend! We are excited to see everyone!  Its been almost 2 years since we've been back to visit!  Time sure does fly by!!  Unfortunately, it will be a quick trip.  We are driving so we are leaving Thursday morning and will arrive sometime very very early Friday morning.  Then we have to turn around and head back down on Sunday to be back at work on Tuesday :(  BOOOO!  Danny and I don't have any vacation days at work yet for the year so we can't take much time off.  Speaking of work, I finally found a full time job doing what I was doing before :)  Its been going really well!  I like it a lot.  There seems to be a lot of opportunity to move up as well, which is good.

I'm really not to happy about gas being almost $4 a gallon, especially since we are driving up to IL in Danny's truck!!  Gonna cost a fortune but still much cheaper than 4-round trip plane tickets I guess.  I can't wait to see Danny and Aydan in their tuxes!  I haven't seen Danny in a tux since our wedding almost 10 years ago!! Aydan is the ring bearer.  I've talked to him a little bit about what he's going to have to do in the ceremony and I think he's a little nervous about it.  Hopefully he does fine and doesn't freak out, lol! Kenzie is helping with the guest book, so she's excited about that.  We bought her dress a couple weeks ago; its so pretty!  I should have a bunch of pictures of everyone to post afterwards!

Well, I think that's all for now!   :)