Tuesday, February 5, 2013

tuesday tid-bits

I am so over winter.  I was ready for it back around Christmas time but now it can go away....far, far, away.  I want summer here now!  Times like this I really miss living in Houston.  I miss the weather and the overall environment being so close to the water.  Oh well, once summer finally gets here, I think I will enjoy it more lol! :)

I've been wanting to plan a vacation/mini-vacation for late this summer/ early fall.  Who knows if it will happen but I want to go do something fun.  Danny and I think Pigeon Forge TN would be nice.  I think maybe I'm getting cabin fever from sitting in the house all winter!

Probably one of my worst pregnancy symptoms so far has been heartburn.  Oh my goodness it gets so bad at night before bed and some nights, Ok, most nights, its been waking me up.  I eat Tums like candy and if it helps at all, its only for a few minutes.  I think I might need to take something stronger like Pepcid or something?

I can't wait to buy new clothes after I have this baby!

If anyone else tells me I look like I'm due anyday now, I might just scream!  Yes, I know I'm getting bigger but isn't that normal when you are pregnant?  Maybe I'm just hormonal? ;)

Well, those are just some of the random thoughts in my head right now.  Better go for now :)