Monday, April 29, 2013

38 weeks!

Just wanted to update on my 38 week check-up last week.  Doctor did a cervical exam and said I was dialated to about 1-2 cm which she thought was a good sign that things seem like they are starting before 40 weeks, and my cervix was beginning to thin out a little bit but she didn't give me a percentage.  I was hoping to be dialated a little bit more but since he's only been head down a couple of weeks I'm not surprised.  At least things are starting, hopefully!  I'm anxious to see how things have progressed at my next appointment on Thursday. 

I went on about a 20 minute walk last night, which for me right now is a lot, lol.  I felt pretty good, just lots of pressure under belly, which I have that all the time anyways.  When I went to bed last night, I did feel somewhat crampy but of course it ended up going away.  Its supposed to be nice for the next couple of days so I will be going on more walks hopefully. 

Next appointment is Thursday....I'll keep ya updated!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

37 weeks

Yesterday was my 37 week check-up.  I didn't update after my 36 week check-up last week since nothing too eventful happened, other than my group B strep test, which I found out yesterday came back negative.  At my appointment yesterday, my doctor did say that he was head down-finally!! Hopefully he stays that way!  Next week, she said she can start the cervical checks to see if I am dialated at all.  Its so weird, even though my due date is only a little over 2 weeks away, I feel like he's never going to come and I will be pregnant forever.  All of us are getting so anxious to finally meet him!  My Braxton Hicks have been teasing me a little bit.  The other night I woke up in the middle of the night with lower back pain, along with the Braxton Hicks contractions and it started to make me wonder if this was it.  But, I got up and drank some water and they ended up going away. 

Not much else going on.  I'm really getting frustrated with this weather.  We will have a beautiful day in the 70's then the next day be back down in the 40's and rainy.  Ugh :(  Today, it even started snowing a little bit.  This is not the kind of weather I like in April!  Oh well, hopefully soon the nice weather will come and stay for a while!  I'm looking forward to having this baby and being able to play outside with the kids and going on walks.  I'm hoping the weather is nice when I'm off for maternity leave. 

Well, thats all for now.  I'll keep y'all updated.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

34 week update

I had my 34 week check-up last Thursday.  My appointments are usually pretty quick and uneventful lol.  They check my blood pressure, which is always good.  I've gained 1 pound since my previous appointment 2 weeks prior, bringing me to a total of 20 pounds.  We listened to his heartbeat, which has been running about 140-ish.  He is not head-down yet though and my doctor says she thinks he was transverse (sideways).  I'm really hoping he turns head-down soon.  She told me that if he still isn't down by 37-38 weeks, they will probably schedule an ultrasound to see exactly what position he's in and go from there.  It could lead to a c-section but she said he still has plenty of time to turn.  I hope so!  I've been trying to tell how he is laying from his movements but I'm so bad about telling whats what.  I can't tell his butt from his head or arms from legs lol!

I'm just so ready for him to get here!  We are so excited to meet him and to be able to hold him in our arms!  Its getting tough sleeping at night, mostly due to being uncomfortable and I get really sore in my hip/pelvic area.  It hurts really bad when I roll from one side to the other.  I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for quite a while, probably since around 20-22 weeks.  They are usually painless but sometimes can get uncomfortable.  My appetite has been ridiculous lately lol.  I feel like I could be eating constantly.  It doesn't help that the kids have a bunch of Easter candy laying around lol.  Actually, I have been craving ice.  I could sit and eat ice all day long.  Sometimes, I buy a fountain drink just so I can eat the ice after the drink is gone! 

I had a great baby shower March 24th thanks to my sister and sister-in-law.  We got some much needed supplies and baby gear.  I feel so much more prepared now!  Now we just need him to get here :)

My next appointment is next week (36 weeks) so I'll try to update with any exciting news.