Friday, February 27, 2009

To Mom

Hope you enjoy your birthday!!!
Love Kim

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cowgirl Kenzie

Posing in Aydan's cowboy hat. She looks like she should be at the rodeo or something.

Oh yes, I was finally able to get my pictures uploaded! Yay me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

13 Yr old Daddy! Huh?

Have you all heard about the 13 year old boy and 15 year old girl who just had a baby?? This is just totally and utterly horrifying! Seriously, its just crazy! I couldn't imagine having to be a parent at such a young age. Its really sad that these kids are going to have to go through this and miss out on their own childhood. As a parent it really freaks me out!!! Mackenzie will be a tween-ager before I know it and I want to make sure that this doesn't happen to her. I hope that talking to her about these issues at an early age will help her make smart decisions. My goodness, could you imagine me as a Grandma at age 33!! I certainly cannot. Its so important that parents stay involved in their childs' lives and know their friends and what they do in their spare time. Obviously, doing this without seeming too overprotecting could be a task in itself. Its especially difficult in this day and age with the internet chatting, text messaging, and Myspace type websites. I just hope that my kids have enough trust in us that they talk to us about the issues going on in their lives. It seems silly to be thinking about all this now, but they aren't getting any younger and times flies by. You only get one chance at raising your kids.

A little bit a nothin

I've been having trouble lately with uploading my pictures off of my camera and into my computer so unfortunately, I haven't been able to put any new pics on my blog. Yeah, I know, the blog has been lacking lately.

Just because I don't have pictures, doesn't mean I can't update my blog right, so I'll give you a short update.

Kenzie had 4 days off from school, lucky duck! Why can't we get those 4 day weekends too!! Well I can't say much, I did get Monday off at least for Presidents Day;) Yesterday at school, they made giant monster cookies and she brought some leftovers home. They were yummy! She also had her Valentines Day party at school and brough home all her cards from classmates. I was always so excited when we got Valentines at school. She had fun getting all of her cards ready to pass out to her classmates too and she had to remember to give a special one to her little crush she has. She even put some sort of lovey dovey sticker on it but I don't remember which one she picked. She talks about this boy a lot and one day I was going to write a post about something she had said about it but I asked her about it and she said she didn't want me to write about it because it was a secret. So, I couldn't dish about it because I didn't want to embarrass her and I didn't want to lose her trust already! I want to know about these things in her life.

And then there's Aydan. What can I say? He just cracks me up!! He's getting bigger by the day I think! When we took him to the ER last week he weighed 35 lbs!! Thats only about 5-6 lbs less than Kenzie! He wears a lot of 3T clothes and he's barely 2! He's talking a lot more too, or trying too anyway. I don't understand a lot of what he says but theres a few phrases he says a lot.

"Whoa!!! Nice." when he sees something he thinks is cool.

"What?" when you call for him.

"Why?" when you ask him to do something.

"I don't know"

"Come on" as he pulls on my hand to follow him somewhere.

"Oh man!" if he breaks a toy (or the batteries go dead in the toy)

"Hi daddy" ,"Hi mommy", "Hi Kenzie"

"Go bye-bye" when he wants to go somewhere.

And my least favorite of all: "NO!" Seems to be his favorite right now! I know he says it when he doesn't mean it too because the other day I asked him if he was hungry and he looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said, "No." Well, this kid is always hungry so I know he was mistaken:)

Theres more that he says too but you get the point. He's getting good at following directions, like if we tell him to go get something out of his room and he tries to get dressed himself but he hasn't quite mastered that one. Now we need to work on potty training! Any tips on potty training boys? Kenzie was very easy, but I hear girls are easier than boys so I don't know what to expect with him.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Close Call

Aydan had a close call yesterday. He was at a store with Grandma and he took off running and tripped and landed on his left hand. It hurt him pretty bad because he wouldn't let anyone touch it afterwards and he didn't move it all day. He layed on the couch all afternoon, which is VERY unlike Aydan. So I picked him up when I got off work and took him home. I wasn't sure if I should take him to the doctor or not. I'm never very decisive when it comes to that sort of thing. It did start to swell a little bit around his wrist and he still wouldn't move it and cried when anyone tried to touch it. I knew I'd feel guilty if I didn't take him and something was wrong so I decided that I should take him to the ER so they could take a look at it.

Once we arrived, 2 nurses looked at him right away. We were the only ones in there so they were probably excited about a little action. Shortly after they were done, the doctor came in to look at his arm and wanted to do some X-rays. So, they took a few X-rays and then we went back to the ER to wait. And wait. And wait some more. It was nice that they turned on the t.v, that kept Aydan entertained for about 2 minutes. We're shut in this tiny room with nothing but hospital equipment around and Aydan's getting into everything he's not supposed to. Finally, the doctor came back in and said his arm wasn't fractured, thank goodness!!! I was relieved to hear that. He also said that we didn't need to wrap it or anything, which surprised me a little bit. We just needed to give him Childrens Motrin for the pain and put ice on it as often as he would let me. All of this, just to hear that. Oh well. I'm just happy its nothing serious. I know that if I didn't take him, my 'motherly' conscience would have drove me nuts about it all night!!

Today, his arm is much better. Its not swollen anymore and he's using it just like normal. We were so lucky with Kenzie. She never got hurt or had to go to the hospital for an emergency or anything. With Aydan, I think it will be the exact opposite. He's already had 3rd degree burns on his feet and now this close call. What will he do next? I shudder at the thought!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thirteen Thursday

Top 13 Reasons why I DON'T like Winter!

1) Scrapping the ice and snow off my car in the morning. Its takes so long and it usually makes me late for work.

2.) Wearing BIG, BULKY, winter coats! I hate wearing big ol' coats just to run up to the store real quick or even just to take the garbage out. I especially hate wearing them while driving in the car! Its so uncomfortable!

3) Shorter days. I absolutely hate how it gets dark so much sooner during winter time. Sometimes I'll still be at work and its completely dark outside. I feel like its time to go home and go to bed or something. Very depressing!

4) Cold weather! I wouldn't mind the winter so much if it were say, 60-70 degrees outside everyday! But this nonsense of being below freezing out is nuts!

5) Driving conditions. I've already been in the ditch once thats to the wonderful icy roads.

6) Trying to get kids ready in the morning takes twice as long. Does everyone have their hats, gloves, scarfs, snowpants and snowboots? It seems the kids are constantly loosing their gloves too!

7) Flu and cold season. Everyone seems to get sick at least once during the winter. The kids get the flu and they finally get over that and then the cold comes around. You just can't get away from it!

8) Dry air and static. I don't know about you but the dry air is horrible right now at our house! My skin has been so dry and forget about trying to do my hair in the morning, complete static once the brush touches it. Very frustrating!

9) Lack of exercise. Who wants to go for a walk when its blistering cold out! Not I! I don't do anything at all, as far as exercise goes, in the winter time and I pay for it in the winter when I'm trying to shed those extra winter pounds!

10) The kids are bored, VERY BORED! They want to play outside but usually can't because they'd freeze in a heart-beat so they usually drive me nuts with the "Mom, I'm soooo boooorrrreeeedddd! What can I do?" "Well you can go clean your room, " I say. "I don't want to" "Well you must not be that bored!" is what I usually say. Yes I sound like my mom:)

11) People are just overall kinda grumpy. I don't know if its the lack of sunshine and Vitamin D or what but it seems like during winter many people are just kinda cranky. I'll admit, I'm usually one of them:P

12) Being stuck in the house. This sorta goes along with lack of exercise, but we are stuck in the house alot during winter. Its so cold and icky outside that I don't even want to venture out. I don't go visit family as much and I try to avoid the trips to the store unless I absolutely HAVE too, you know like if I run out of toilet paper or something:)

13) No leaves on the trees and no flowers. Its so drab looking in the winter. All of the leaves have fallen off the trees leaving them bare and all of the pretty flowers that once bloomed are now gone!

I can't wait until Spring!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How do they do it?

Sometimes I wonder how in the world families with several kids do it. Take for instance, the woman who recently gave birth to octuplets! She already had 6 kids and now add 8 more newborn babies on top of that. Not to mention, she's a single mom. I'd would absolutely die if I had 14 kids being married, let alone if I were a single parent. Life at our house seems crazy enough at times with only 2 kids in the household. I just couldn't even imagine what it would be like many more. Think about it. Waking up in the morning (assuming you even slept at night) and having to change at least 8 diapers, feed 8 crying babies, and trying to get your older kids ready for school. That means having 8 cribs, 8 high chairs, 3 million diapers (slight exaggeration), dozens of bottles, and clothes, clothes, clothes!! Really, I can't even phathom what it would take to support that many babies. As difficult as it may seem to me, there are families that do it every day and thats what they know so it doesn't seem like an issue for them. Families get into a routine of doing what works best for them and it always seems to work out.