Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going to the city

Sunday we decided to ride the light rail up to downtown Houston and the museum district so the kids can experience riding the train and seeing the sights. Aydan loves trains so we knew he would really enjoy riding on one.

Daddy showing Kenzie where our stop was.

We went past the Astrodome on our way to downtown. That is where the Houston Astros used to play, now they play at Minute Maid Stadium.

Taking a walk downtown. This street is so pretty with all of the plants and the water down the center of the street.

After sightseeing in downtown, we got back on the tran and went to the museum district. Here is the Sam Houston monument.

When Danny and I came down to Houston last September to visit and check the area out, this is one of the places we visited. Weird to think that last time we were there, we wanted so bad to move here and now we are actually living here. Crazy how much things can change in so little time.

Near the museum district is Hermann Park. We went for a walk through there. They had pedal boats that you could rent. We were going to get one, but the line was so long and we didn't want to wait with the kids because it was so hot. Maybe next we will get one. They look like a lot of fun!

Houston Ship Channel

On Saturday, we headed up to the Houston ship channel to see some of the ships and boats that pass through. We actually went to the San Jacinto Battleground park again because its on the ship channel.

Heres Aydan getting ready to throw out a punch.

The kids at the park, you can see the monument in the background. You can also see that there's a small cememtary there from the war.

Tug boat pushing a barge through the channel.

Aydan found something he likes on the ground. Who knows!

Daddy showing Kenzie a plane in the sky.

Daddy and Kenzie

Me and Kenzie

The ferry taking people across the river.

Feeding time

We finally remembered to take some bread with us to the park for the ducks. Once they figure out what you have, they swarm you. They are definately not scared of people! They will eat the bread right out of your hand.

This is called a 'nutria' (not sure if I spelled it right?) We had never heard of that. I thought it was some sort of otter or something?

Monday, July 13, 2009

just us

Ready for his close up.

Kenzie being silly as usual.

Just stopping to smell the roses (or whatever flower that may be?)

Waving hi to the camera.

They really do like each other. They never look at the camera at the same time!

Aydan was watching TV and Danny snuck in and took this picture. I think it really scared him!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating the 4th

We enjoyed our 4th of July weekend. In the morning, we headed over to Galveston to enjoy the beach before it got too busy. It was good timing because by the time we left, the traffic heading into town was crazy. We had a good time there; as usual Aydan was content playing in the sand while Kenzie played in the waves with Dad, and I layed out relaxing. When we got home from the beach, we got cleaned up to get ready to go to the park in the evening for some different things they had going on. There were some inflatables for the kids to play on, a band, and food stands. They also had clowns and an astronaut handing out autographed photos. Kenzie was able to get one of those pictures so that will be neat for her to keep for a long time.

Since we live so close to the water, we were able to see the fireworks from the yard behind our building, which was nice that we didn't have to go far. We had a nice view and you could see 2 other fire works shows from where we were. The weather was great; it ended up cooling down enough that we could enjoy sitting outside.

Here's Kenzie with one of the clowns making her a lady bug bracelet balloon.

This is the astronaut, Michael Massimino, signing autographs.

Going down the slide on one of the inflatables.

Jumping around.

Building a sand train.

Playing in the waves.