Tuesday, March 23, 2010

update...very random!

Hey everyone!!

Spring is finally here and I'm so excited!! We had a chilly weekend; it was getting down into the 30's at night but this week is going to warm up again and be in the mid 70's. Just in time for Danny's parents and family to come! They should all be arriving on Saturday and we can't wait! We're looking forward to seeing them all again!

The picture above is from my cell phone, but its Trail Riders that come through Houston every year from all around Texas. The come through on the freeways with their horse and buggies and campers. Its pretty wild to see them going through the city looking like they are from 100 years ago! Anyway, they happen to go right in front of where I work so we all went out to watch and I got a few pictures with my phone. They camp along roads and at parks until they actually get to the rodeo grounds, which is at Reliant Stadium. We didn't make it to the rodeo this year but I would like to go sometime. They have a carnival and livestock show, which is the biggest livestock show in the world. There's different performances too (Keith Urban, Black-Eyed Peas, Justin Beiber, Brooks & Dunn, etc...) Sounds like it would be fun and something different to see.

Anyways, hmmm, lets see... oh yeah, our laptop crashed so that pretty much stinks!! It won't even boot up. It just says "Operating System Not Found." We tried our recovery disks and that didn't work so I'm thinking somethings broken in hard drive. Grrrrr!! I'm just upset about losing all of the pictures I had saved because stupid me didn't make any CD's or anything. I barely have any prints! I don't know if there's any hope for it! Needless to say, it might be a while before I can post any pictures. (I'm at work writing this post! Shhhh!!)

The kids are doing great. Kenzie was on Spring Break last week and enjoyed it. Her daycare did a lot of fun things with the school kids. They went to a farm and picked strawberries one day. They also went to the park, went to a play, and went to the movies. Aydan is still Aydan :) He's growing fast and learning so many new things. He's just the goofiest kid!! I love them both so much!!

Well, that about does it for my random little update. Hope you all have a great week/weekend!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miller Visit 2010

For anyone who still checks up on my blog, I apologize for not updating in over a month!! Seriously, where did February go? Seems like we've just been so busy lately!
Well, my parents and youngest brother came down to visit us a couple of weeks ago. We were so happy to see them!! We hadn't told Kenzie that they were coming so when we walked in the door with them the night they arrived, she was just thrilled to see them! It was so cute!
Luckily the weather turned out to be pretty good, although I was hoping it was going to be a little warmer. It was around 60-65 everyday and no rain so that was nice!!
Here we are at the park feeding the ducks, geese, and birds.
Feeding them some more. Eventually the sea gulls started to swarm us for food!

Aydan on his new 'ride,' a birthday gift from Grandma, Grandpa, and Jarrad! Thanks guys; he LOVES it!!

We went to Kemah one of the days they were here. Here's my Dad and Aydan in front of an old Kemah Police car.

My brother Jarrad with Aydan. Kenzie wasn't able to be with us on this day because she had to go to school.

Then a few more poses with the Shark.

This is in front of a lighthouse in Kemah.

We also went to the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship. Here's Danny and Jarrad posing with Sam Houston (the founder of Houston, TX) Jarrad standing proud with his Texas flag, lol!

Outside in front of the monument. It was too tall to get the whole thing in the picture and still be able to see people.

We were going to go to Galveston for the day but the day we had planned to go was a windy cooler day so we thought we'd enjoy it more if we went to the zoo instead so thats what we did. The kids had never gone and Danny and I have only been once so it worked out well.

A baboon. I love all the colors on his face! He was so funny too. He'd just sit there and stare at everyone then he'd give us a huge grin! So cute!
Kenzie in front of the elephant exhibit.

This chimp was funny too. He seemed to know that he was supposed to entertain everyone. He'd do a trick then sit, scratch is head like he was thinking, then walk over and do a different trick. He was quite the show off :)

That Saturday, the day before they headed back to Illinois, we went to my Uncle Jerry's for a cookout. It had been a long time since everyone had been together like that so it meant a lot to me for all of us to spend time together. Jerry and my Dad are brothers, then their sister, who is my Aunt Vicki was there too, along with her husband David, her daughter Dani, and her 3 sons. Yep, it was a full house!! The picture above is all the kids. Yes, its impossible to get a perfect shot when there's that many kids involved! This is as good as it gets! lol! The 3 boys on the left are Dani's sons, then the middle two are Uncle Jerry's kids, then mine of course.

The 3 siblings: Jerry, Vicki, and my Dad. They all look so much alike!

My dad, Jerry, and Danny.
Earlier that day before we went to the cookout, we were looking around at a store and my Dad and Danny saw these shirts that were U.S.A. (United Space Alliance) shirts, which happens to be who my Uncle Jerry works for here in Houston. So they thought that was pretty neat and they both bought one to wear over to the cookout. Then Jerry put on one of his U.S.A. shirts too so they all matched.

We had to get a picture of all the ladies in the house.
Me, Mom, Kenzie, Aunt Vicki, and my cousin Dani.
We had a great time along with great food. It was great seeing everyone together.
Well, that about sums up their visit to Texas. We loved having them here and it was sad to see them go back home but we're glad they were able to come visit for a few days!! It was great that they got to see where we are now and to see that we are doing OK. It really helps calm any fears or worries that they may have had about any of that. We love it so much here and are so happy anytime that we can share it with people we love.
We're looking forward to our next visiters later this month; Danny's family!! :)