Saturday, May 31, 2008

What a Nighmare!

We had quite a scary night last night. Aydan has learned how to climb into the bathroom sink by getting up onto the toilet and from there climbing into the sink. We have found him in there numerous times, usually playing with a cup or the toothbrushes. Well, on Friday, after Danny got out of the shower and came into the bedroom, Aydan, who apparently can open doors too, had gone into the bathroom, climbed up on the toilet and into the sink. This time, he was playing in the water. Danny heard him crying and went in to check on him and he was in the sink, trying to crawl out but couldn't. He got him out and brought him into the living room. At first, he didn't realize that he had the hot water on. He took Aydan's socks off and some skin peeled off along with the socks. That's when he knew something was very wrong. The water was so hot that it scalded his skin! He called me right away at work so we could go to the ER in Pontiac. Poor Aydan screamed the whole way there. Once inside, the nurses put cold wraps around his feet and legs to help them feel better and gave him a shot of morphine to calm him down. The doctor came in to take a look and said that its mostly 2nd degree burns and some 1st degree. At first they were talking about transporting him to Springfield in the ambulance. Yikes!! But after the doctor called and explained the situation to the doctor down there, he felt that it wouldn't be necessary to take him at that time. But, we do need to take him down on Monday to see the burn specialist that is down there to make sure nothing in infected. He's been doing okay since he's been home now. He just gets a little frustrated that he can't run all over the place because of all the gauze that is on his feet. He's been taking Tylenol with codeine so I think that helps a lot with the pain. Hopefully, all goes well on Monday and he will get healed up soon.