Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 years ago today

April 30, 2002, at 3:30 am, Mackenzie Danielle Bracken was brought into the world. It seems like so long ago, yet I still can't believe that my baby girl is 7 years old!! She is growing up way too fast. I am so proud of the smart, funny, caring, witty, outgoing young lady she is becoming. She was our first child and she went through all of our parenting firsts along with us. She has brought so much joy into our lives and we are truly blessed. I look forward to watching her grow up and mature and go through all the different stages of life (but hopefully not too quickly!!)


M otivated
A rtsy
C razy
K ind
E nergetic
N urturing
Z any
I ntelligent
E nthusiastic

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just catchin up...

It is finally starting to feel a little more like Spring, and sometimes, a little like Summer, and I'm lovin it! Although, this weekend has been a little more windy than I would like. Aydan started to get a fever out of nowhere this morning but he seems to be getting a bit better after I gave him some medicine. I am hoping it goes away without affecting everyone else too! He was playing quietly in his room by himself (which never happens) but now he has decided to jump around screaming "RAAAAA" while Kenzie is trying to show me a cheer she made up. Never a dull moment :) Should have known him being quiet was too good to be true. I have heard that boys are wild but now I know exactly what they mean. Now Kenzie just informed me that he dumped the cat's water into her food dish. Nice...
Well I guess that means I have to go now. So much for catching up.. Maybe next time I will try to do this while Aydan is taking a nap!! Enjoy the weather everyone!! (winter will be back before we know it)

Day at the Museum

Kenzie's birthday is next week so we decided to take her and Aydan to the Childrens Discovery Museum in Bloomington on Saturday. We thought she would enjoy that more than just another toy that she would play with a couple times then then get bored with. I had never been there before so I didn't know what to expect, but there was a ton of stuff there for them to see and interact with. Even Aydan got to enjoy a lot of the things to do. Here are some of the many pictures that we took.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009 (better late than never)

Here are a few pictures from Easter at my Great Aunt Sue's house. I actually didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked because the battery in my camera was low.

Kenzie with her Uncle Jarrad and Uncle Leon
Me and the kiddos

Kenzie and her cousin Melanie

Kenzie after getting all ready to go.
I knew that flower girl dress would come in handy.

Aydan during the Easter egg hunt.
He must see an egg, he's pointing at something.
We had a nice Easter and as usual the kids got way too much candy. But, I won't complain, I'll just help them eat it ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009


This pretty much says it all, right?
TGIF! And, Happy Good Friday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Bells

On Saturday, Danny's sister Angie got married. The wedding and reception were at Danny's dad's new bar/banquet room in Pontiac. Danny and I were both in the wedding party. It was nice to see the family that we haven't seen in a while.

This is a lot of the fam from Wisconsin. We had a blast hanging out with them:)

Danny, his Dad, and his sister (the bride). She looked so pretty! I loved her dress and her hair!

Danny and his dad, along with Aydan, who snuck in almost every picture!

The girls all decked out in purple
Me, Andrea, Debbie, Angie, and Kenzie (wasn't she so pretty!)

Aydan being crazy. Since Danny and I were both in the wedding, it was hard to keep Aydan contained through the whole ceremony and pictures. When it was over, he just ran wild. Luckily, there were other kids there for him to play with.

Kenzie showing off her dress. I love how they did her hair too!

Danny and I

Danny and his mom :)
Looking good guys!!!