Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Bells

On Saturday, Danny's sister Angie got married. The wedding and reception were at Danny's dad's new bar/banquet room in Pontiac. Danny and I were both in the wedding party. It was nice to see the family that we haven't seen in a while.

This is a lot of the fam from Wisconsin. We had a blast hanging out with them:)

Danny, his Dad, and his sister (the bride). She looked so pretty! I loved her dress and her hair!

Danny and his dad, along with Aydan, who snuck in almost every picture!

The girls all decked out in purple
Me, Andrea, Debbie, Angie, and Kenzie (wasn't she so pretty!)

Aydan being crazy. Since Danny and I were both in the wedding, it was hard to keep Aydan contained through the whole ceremony and pictures. When it was over, he just ran wild. Luckily, there were other kids there for him to play with.

Kenzie showing off her dress. I love how they did her hair too!

Danny and I

Danny and his mom :)
Looking good guys!!!

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Jodi said...

you don't even have a picture of the groom!! Kenzie looks so cute in her new dress...Aydan is so cute (even when he is acting crazy)