Friday, January 30, 2009


Kenzie went to a cheer clinic last weekend and then tonight was the big performance during half time of the Varsity basketball game. It was pretty cute watching them doing the cheers. Kenzie had a lot of fun and of course she wants to be a cheerleader:)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Has it really been 2 years?

Aydan on his "birth"day exactly 2 years ago. Such a little bundle of joy:)

Today was my little big man's 2ND BIRTHDAY!!!! Its hard to believe that my baby is 2 already. Seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. He has changed so much within the last year. His personality is starting to show much more! He's so funny and goofy but he can also be quite a little monster! He is definately all boy! He loves his cars and trucks, he loves to fight with his sister, and he loves wrestling around with his Dad. Now that he's beginning to talk makes it that much more interesting! I was so anxious for him to start talking but now I'm starting to wonder whats the hurry! Might as well take advantage of this now, while he doesn't quite know how to argue or talk back. However, he's got the words 'No' and 'Why' down pat, unfortunately!

We decided to just do something simple for his birthday this year. We just had some cake and ice cream at home, with just us. Kenzie helped me decorate his cake. She made the '2' and decided to circle it also. We put some HotWheels cars on there last minute because it was kinda plain. I didn't know how he would do with the candles but he couldn't wait to blow them out. I had barely set the cake on the table and he had one of them blown out already.
One of the gifts he got was one of those inflatable punching bags, I guess you would call it. It has Scooby Doo on it (his new favorite movie) and he just loves to beat the heck out of it. I mean really. He punches it, hits it, even throws it across the room. Maybe that was a bad idea, promoting his aggression! Well at least he can beat up on Scooby Doo instead of his sister!


After we had Kenzie, we were pretty sure we didn't want anymore kids. We believed that one was enough for us, how could we possibly love another human being as much as we loved her. Well 4 years later, we decide that it might be time for another one, and along came Aydan. He has been such a blessing to our family. I don't even remember what life was like without him and I'm so glad that we decided to have another child. Our kids have truly been the greatest thing to ever happen to us!

Happy Birthday Aydan!! We love you so much!!

I'm 'puzzled', where's the last piece?

Bold Kenzie and I worked on this puzzle the other night and actually got it done. Its supposed to have 100 pieces, but if you look closely at the top picture, you can see that it is missing a piece. I'm kinda OCD about that, I hate when there's a piece missing, it drives me nuts. But, what can you do! Anyway, Kenzie is really into horses right now and she just loves this puzzle. She did a really good job with it too. I remember having a ton of puzzles when I was younger. I loved them!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You know its been cold when...

Ok, this is how cold its been lately. The past few weeks, are temperatures have been in the teens and single digits, and overnight its been below zero! Well, today feels like a heat wave because its like a whopping 36 degrees outside. Tropical!! Its amazing how nice it feels compared to what its been lately! I heard that some days its actually been colder here than in Alaska! Hard to believe, but thats Illinois weather for ya.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting older

Do you ever have those moments where you feel older than what you really are? I'm 25 yrs old but sometimes I feel like I'm 25 going on 40! Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • When I'm at the store, the young cashier calls me "Ma'am." Do I really look like a "Ma'am" already?
  • My daughter already talks about the boys she likes and how she wants to be a mom! Yes the gray hairs are sprouting up!!
  • I find myself not liking certain Rap/Hip Hop songs because of their lyrics. Now I really feel like my parents!
  • I'm usually in bed by 9:30-10:00pm.
  • I actually enjoy watching the news and reading the newspaper.
  • Kids that I used to babysit are all grown up and some even have kids of their own now!

But, after all of these things, it made me feel a little better the other day when I was in line at the deli getting lunch and an older, elderly man said to his friend, "We'd better let this young lady go so she can get back to school."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another tooth, another dollar

Kenzie lost another tooth on Saturday. The 'new' teeth are starting to come in already. She's just so excited about it, plus she got another dollar from the Tooth Fairy. If she keeps loosing teeth, the Tooth Fairy is gonna go broke!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Blogger's Milestone

It's official. I've reached a very special point as a blogger. THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!


Hip Hip Hooray!

Congrats to Me!

Ok its not that big of a deal, but I've seem other people celebrate their 100th posts so I thought I might as well too. I wouldn't be a true 'blogger' if I didn't, right? Anyway, I am really surprised that I've hit the 100 mark already. It doesn't seem like I've had this blog that long, but its been since May 31, 2008, to be exact!

I'm so glad I was introduced to blogging. I enjoy it so much and it gives me a hobby, of sorts. To me, its almost like scrapbooking, except without all of the colored paper and cutouts. Plus I don't have to cut out any of my pics, I can just upload them to the computer. Its a great way for family and friends to see what we're up to and keep updated on how the kids are doing, among other things.

Cheers, to my next 100 posts!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Why didn't they think of that when I was a kid!!

I'm so jealous of kids these days!! When I was a kid, there was no such thing, at least in my house, as a cell phone or a DVD player. Now every 8 year old you see is talking on their cell phone and texting! Umm.. I could barely spell when I was 8, let alone send out emails and text messages! We didn't have DVD players...we had VCR's. Remember the old stickers on rental movies..."Please Be Kind. Rewind." It was always so frustrating when you pulled the tape out of the box and the RUDE person before you didn't rewind. Ugh!! And then, as the tape is in the VCR rewinding, it made this hideous sound like it was going to blow up any minute! Ah, the memories!

Computers, computers, computers!! Everyone these days has computers with high-speed internet, email, and games. Computers were pretty rare in my day. They were also huge compared to the tiny little laptops you can get today. And forget about it if you wanted to search the web because it just wasn't around much at that time either (and I'm NOT that old ok!)

Video games have come so far from the ancient Atari game. Although I have to admit, I loved playing our Atari, whenever we could get it to work:) Frogger was so fun! We did upgrade to the Nintendo, which was also great! Mario Bros. is still my all-time favorite game, but we played it so much that in order for the tape to work you had to blow into it with all your might to 'clean' it out. But, now-a-days, there's things like the Nintendo Wii, PSP 1, 2, and 3, XBox, and so many more but I'm not hip enough to know all of them.

It seems like a lot of teens now drive really nice cars, like nicer than most adults cars! You wanna know what my first car was? A brown 1983 Monte Carlo. Yeah it was ugly, but it got me where I needed to go.

Times have definately changed from when I was growing up, but it hasn't all been for the better either. Its too bad more kids don't play outside with their friends like we did instead of playing video games all day long.

And sorry Kenzie, but I don't think you'll have a cell phone until you are 16 and driving!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Found: 2 goofy kids. Please claim them ASAP

What a goofball!!!
messy spaghetti face...but who can resist that goofy grin:)

He found a new hiding place in our towel cabinet. Hmmm...I wonder who showed him that? Her name might be Kenzie:)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Its Monday already :(

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Ours was fine, but as usual it went by too fast! Things are getting a little more back to normal with the holidays over with and Kenzie is back in school. For some reason, our family just can't seem to escape the flu! Kenzie was sick a couple of days before Christmas and now she is sick AGAIN!! Aydan was sick on Christmas and last night he puked in his bed and had diarhea!! FANTASTIC!!! It was quite a nasty mess, let me tell ya! Kenzie got sick at school today in the cafeteria and she wouldn't eat her lunch so she got to leave school on her first day back. Poor kids!! Danny was even sick about a week ago too!!! By some sort of miracle I have NOT gotten sick or anything YET.... Knock on wood!!!! Hey somebody's got to stay healthy to take care of everyone, right?

Saturday night, Danny and I were able to go out WITHOUT the kids!!! Its always nice to get out of the house kid-less sometimes! We didn't do much, just went out to eat and stopped at Walmart to look around. I did break down and get the "Twilight" book, just the first one. I've heard so much about the series and the movie so I thought I'd give it a try. We were going to go see a movie in the theatre, but there wasn't anything we were interested in watching. It ended up being a fairly early night, but oh well. Then on Sunday, we didn't do much of anything at all, just lounged around the house. Well, that about does it for our weekend, how was yours?