Monday, January 5, 2009

Its Monday already :(

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Ours was fine, but as usual it went by too fast! Things are getting a little more back to normal with the holidays over with and Kenzie is back in school. For some reason, our family just can't seem to escape the flu! Kenzie was sick a couple of days before Christmas and now she is sick AGAIN!! Aydan was sick on Christmas and last night he puked in his bed and had diarhea!! FANTASTIC!!! It was quite a nasty mess, let me tell ya! Kenzie got sick at school today in the cafeteria and she wouldn't eat her lunch so she got to leave school on her first day back. Poor kids!! Danny was even sick about a week ago too!!! By some sort of miracle I have NOT gotten sick or anything YET.... Knock on wood!!!! Hey somebody's got to stay healthy to take care of everyone, right?

Saturday night, Danny and I were able to go out WITHOUT the kids!!! Its always nice to get out of the house kid-less sometimes! We didn't do much, just went out to eat and stopped at Walmart to look around. I did break down and get the "Twilight" book, just the first one. I've heard so much about the series and the movie so I thought I'd give it a try. We were going to go see a movie in the theatre, but there wasn't anything we were interested in watching. It ended up being a fairly early night, but oh well. Then on Sunday, we didn't do much of anything at all, just lounged around the house. Well, that about does it for our weekend, how was yours?


Green's said...

Hey there! We didn't do much either just got ready for the school week to start back up! I know what you mean bout the flu EVERYONE in our house got it between Christmas eve and 4 days after! It was a NASTY one too. I hope Kenzie feels well soon! Glad to hear that you and Danny got out alone.. we need to try that too. LOL.. Talk to you soon!

Love u's!

Sara T said...

Hope you, your husband, and your kids get to feeling better soon. We have had the flu too. Gavin has had it three times and I think Griffin at least twice. I have been not feeling good either. The flu has been bad this year.