Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another tooth, another dollar

Kenzie lost another tooth on Saturday. The 'new' teeth are starting to come in already. She's just so excited about it, plus she got another dollar from the Tooth Fairy. If she keeps loosing teeth, the Tooth Fairy is gonna go broke!!


Green's said...

I know what you mean honey! The tooth fairy made a mistake and started out giving Serina $5.00 a tooth and well she loses 2 at time! So yea BROKE!!! lol. Luckly Serina has almost lost them all. Good to know that they are growing in fast tho... thats always a good thing!

Take Care!

Sara T said...

The tooth fairy should just give out a quarter or two.

moser4 said...

What tooth did she lose? I wonder if the kids will ever get back in school. They are also off on Monday due to Martin Luther King jr day. We never got out of school this much. Lucky them
Love Aunt June