Friday, January 9, 2009

Why didn't they think of that when I was a kid!!

I'm so jealous of kids these days!! When I was a kid, there was no such thing, at least in my house, as a cell phone or a DVD player. Now every 8 year old you see is talking on their cell phone and texting! Umm.. I could barely spell when I was 8, let alone send out emails and text messages! We didn't have DVD players...we had VCR's. Remember the old stickers on rental movies..."Please Be Kind. Rewind." It was always so frustrating when you pulled the tape out of the box and the RUDE person before you didn't rewind. Ugh!! And then, as the tape is in the VCR rewinding, it made this hideous sound like it was going to blow up any minute! Ah, the memories!

Computers, computers, computers!! Everyone these days has computers with high-speed internet, email, and games. Computers were pretty rare in my day. They were also huge compared to the tiny little laptops you can get today. And forget about it if you wanted to search the web because it just wasn't around much at that time either (and I'm NOT that old ok!)

Video games have come so far from the ancient Atari game. Although I have to admit, I loved playing our Atari, whenever we could get it to work:) Frogger was so fun! We did upgrade to the Nintendo, which was also great! Mario Bros. is still my all-time favorite game, but we played it so much that in order for the tape to work you had to blow into it with all your might to 'clean' it out. But, now-a-days, there's things like the Nintendo Wii, PSP 1, 2, and 3, XBox, and so many more but I'm not hip enough to know all of them.

It seems like a lot of teens now drive really nice cars, like nicer than most adults cars! You wanna know what my first car was? A brown 1983 Monte Carlo. Yeah it was ugly, but it got me where I needed to go.

Times have definately changed from when I was growing up, but it hasn't all been for the better either. Its too bad more kids don't play outside with their friends like we did instead of playing video games all day long.

And sorry Kenzie, but I don't think you'll have a cell phone until you are 16 and driving!


Green's said...

AMEN girlfriend!!! That is sooo true. I think that is why this generation is so snobby and fat because there is no exercise and they all have it too easy. I know what you mean bout the cell phones.. Serina was saying there were kids in her kindergarten who had cell phones and she has wanted one since.. I think NOT! Kids.. wow. Our memories are about the same. I hope my kids can be as happy as we were with out all the NEW crap out there!

moser4 said...

My first car was a 1977 ford pinto lime green with rust. I had a 2x4 holding the car seat in because the floor was so rusty. I paid $250 for it. That was what I could afford. I agree with liz "AMEN". We had records and 8 tracks and cassetts tapes. If you wanted to see a movie you went to a movie theater or drive in.We had dial the number phones on the wall with a cord. Once again "AMEN"
Take care

rcmiller said...

Another Amen!! Yes there definately have been alot of changes in the world.The technology that we have today is mind boggling!! When I was a kid, no video games, no computer, black and white tv,records and radios where hot back then. For fun we played outside from the time we got up in the morning until after dark. We would get the whole neighborhood together and play hide and seek, baseball and yes even football. I was such a tomboy when I grew up, with 1 brother and 4 1st cousins who were all boys, we were together all the time. Life back then was so carefree! I feel so sorry for the kids nowadays they have so much out there and most of it is not good!! Well thats enough of the good ole days, they are full of memories that I will never forget!
Cindy Miller/ G. Miller