Monday, May 14, 2012

Phone photo dump

I thought I'd share a few more random pics from my phone.  Hey, I'm bored ok  ;)

Aydan walking with Hunter down the pier behind our apartment.  I adjusted the color of this pic to make it look kinda antique-ish.

Kids playing out back, enjoying the weather.  

Aydan smiling for the camera.  Handsome man!

Our first cook-out of the year, lol!  Fun times!  Mmmm, I could go for a s'more right about now!

First time in the pool this year.  Water was still to cold for me to get in but the kids got used to it.

Aydan's so excited, he can touch in the 3 ft area now...barely.

She really really really wanted a lizard, so that's what she got. Its hard to see him in the picture but he's standing on the stick.  She named him Leo. Either we buy her one or she was going to keep trying to catch one outside.

Hanging out at Kemah Boardwalk.

Trying to look through the have to put money in it for it to work, sorry Kenzie, lol!

Just a view down part of Kemah Boardwalk.  We went there for a car show that day so we didn't get a chance to ride any rides, but hopefully soon we can go back and spend more time doing things there...before it gets too hot!

Random wedding pics

Howdy!! So I finally uploaded the pictures I had on my phone.  Here are a few of the ones I took at my brother's wedding in April.  Sorry they aren't the greatest quality...there are just cell phone pics :)

Here's my kiddos all dressed up!  Aydan was the ring bearer so he had a handsome little tux.  Kenzie helped with the guest book so we got her a dress that was somewhat the color of the wedding (fushia).  The both looked so darn cute :)  Can you believe how tall Aydan (age 5) is compared to Kenzie (age 10)!  Its crazy!  She is short for her age and he seems tall for his age.  

My parents with the weird! LOL!!  To me, he's still my 12 year old brother...but I guess we are all getting older these days!

Me and my sissy were both bridesmaids :)

The hubby is on the far right and Aydan is front and center.  He was so tired of posing for pictures by the end of the day.  Poor guy!  

The newly weds....Jarrad and Ashleigh Miller

My sister Erin and my nieces, Melanie and Kendall.  Pretty ladies :)

Kenzie at the reception doing the dollar dance with her uncle Jarrad.

So anyway, these are just a few of the pics on my phone I thought I'd share.  We had such a great time!!