Friday, May 3, 2013

39 Weeks!!

Well, I've made it 39 weeks!  One more week to go, more or less.  Yesterday was my check-up.  I was dilated to a "good 2 cm"  she said and about 50% thinned out.  I was hoping for a little more progress from last week but oh well.  They say all that doesn't really mean much any way.  Some women are dilated to 3 or 4 for weeks before labor and some go into labor at 0 cm so who knows.  I just hate not knowing lol!!  Its a waiting game from here on out.  Every time I get crampy I start to think is it time?  Could this be it?  But, no, the cramps stop and nothing more happens.  At least I know the end is near because I am 39 weeks.

His head is still down and low because she could feel it when she checked me.  She felt around on my stomach and said he is really crammed in there.  His heartbeat was only about 120-ish compared to his usual 140 range, which she said is fine it just means he's getting bigger and running out of room to move.  Goodness I hope he's not like 10 pounds!!  I've been so worried I'm not going to be able to push him out and I'll need an emergency c-section, but thats probably a fear most moms have.  As long as he's healthy, it doesn't matter he comes out.

I have another appointment next week but it will be past my due date so hopefully I won't need it.  Either way, I'll keep ya updated with any exciting news!!