Sunday, June 28, 2009


Saturday night we went back to the Kemah Boardwalk. We've learned that its always busy there no matter what, and parking is almost impossible. This time we parked a little farther away but got a free ferry shuttle across the water, which was pretty neat. Aydan thought it was so cool to ride on a boat.

This is our new boat....hahahha yeah right, I wish!! But it is pretty nice so we got a pic of it. We would love to get a boat someday. We used to have one several years ago in Illinois, but now one would come in really handy since we are so close to the water.

This guy was amazing. He was juggling sticks on fire and doing other tricks with stuff on fire. It was pretty cool to watch.

There was a live band playing but the picture we got of them didn't turn out. They were really good though. During their breaks, they would play all Michael Jackson songs as a tribute to him (RIP) and people would get up and dance. I think the favorite was when they played Thriller. Everyone cheered and and people were doing the famous Thriller dance. It was fun to watch. Kemah is great because its free to get in and only about 10 minutes away so you don't have to spend a ton of money to enjoy yourself.

Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a 12 acre park in the middle of downtown Houston. We decided to go check it out on Saturday. If you haven't noticed, we hate just sitting around at home when there is so much to see and do around here;) Anyway, there's a lot to do at the park too. Plus, it has a great view of the Houston skyline. They have playgrounds, water activities, booths, a stage for live music, and different events going on every week. It was a nice family oriented atmosphere, although it was sooo HOT out!!

Nothing like a cold popsicle to cool you off! Yummy!

Kenzie enjoyed playing in this. It got so hot that day, so the water really helped cool the kids down!

Playing on the playground.

This was pretty cool. Water shot out of the holes in the ground and the kids can run around and play in it. Perfect for the hot day that it was!!

The kids in front of a statue at the park.

These are just some of the views of the buildings surrounding the park.

This is a new high rise that is under construction that we could see from the park. You can see where they are putting in the glass walls. That would be a scary job to have to work on building those towers, especially if you are afraid of heights. Yikes, don't look down!

There was a show going on called DockDogs where they would throw a ball or something into the pool and the dogs would jump into the water to go fetch it. It was pretty cool to watch. I have a video but for some reason, videos never work for me when I try to post them??

He was being really quiet...

This is what happens when it gets really quiet around the house...Aydan usually has gotten into something and made a huge mess. This time I think he found the sunscreen. How can you stay mad at that adorable face!! I caught him another time with a full face of my make-up! It was all over him and the bathroom. He gets into more stuff than Kenzie ever did! Talk about total opposites!!

Sunday best

We took these last Sunday before we went to church for the first time here. We found a very nice and friendly church that decided to try out and we really like it. Everyone is so nice and the kids have a great time too. We will definately continue to go; I think it will be great for our family. Anyway, just wanted to post these pics of us all dressed up ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We've discovered Skype

We are probably the last people in the universe to find out about Skype, but I am glad we did! For anyone else who may be clueless about it, its a free service that you can download from and you can make free Skype to Skype calls on your computer. What makes it even cooler is that if you have a webcam and the person you are calling also has one, you can see each other too. This has come in very handy for us to talk to family and friends back home. The kids enjoy being able to see and talk to their grandparents, and vice versa.

A first for Aydan

I have always heard that boys were harder to potty train than girls so with Aydan I haven't really been stressing much about him not being potty trained yet. For one, he is only 2 1/2 yrs old. Kenzie was potty trained at his age, but I know that eventually he will be too. I mean, every kid no matter how stubborn, eventually gets potty trained so I am letting him do it in his own time. On Saturday, we had got home from the beach and were cleaning up. The kids were in the bath tub and I was taking a shower. When I got out, Danny told me that Aydan went pee in the potty! He said that Aydan was saying "Pee, Pee," so he got him out of the tub and sat him down on the potty and it took a minute but he did go in the potty and I missed it!! Now, he hasn't done it since then, but at least it may be beginning. Once in a while Aydan would say "Pee" and I would set him on the potty but he wouldn't go, so I am glad that he at least went when he said he needed to. Hopefully, he continues to use the potty once in a while. It will be great to not have to buy diapers anymore!! WOOO HOOO!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another day at the beach

We went to the beach on Saturday jellyfish in sight this time, thank goodness!! Aydan played in the sand the whole time while Kenzie played in the waves. Some of the waves coming in were pretty big, which makes it funner when you are wading out in it. I about got knocked over a couple times.

Chasing the birds...again!

Playing in the wet sand, getting dirty. This is what he does best!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our pad

Danny took the kids down to the pool on Friday while I was at work. The maintenance people are finally done down there so we can actually use the pool now. Anyway, they had a lot of fun. Kenzie says she wants to try to learn how to swim w/ out floaties so we are trying to work on it with her.

I've had a couple of requests for some pics of the inside of our apartment. I never really posted any because its been pretty bare. We didn't bring a lot of stuff with us when we moved as far as furniture goes. But, we finally did get a dining room table and chairs and a recliner.

This is of the kids' room before we moved their stuff in it. Its pretty big and it has a big walk-in closet that we put all their toys in. Its actually big enough to be a play room for them.

I found Aydan in here the first day we moved in. He was hiding in the vanity cabinet!

Here's our new table & chairs. We found the set at Ikea, which by the way, we LOVE. We had never been to an Ikea store before but my Uncle Jerry showed us where there was one and its awesome!! Also, in the pic, you can kind of see into the kitchen area. It is a lot smaller than what we are used to, but it will work for now. I just love having a dishwasher!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random pictures

Enjoying the pool at Uncle Jerry's house. Kenzie is really starting to enjoy swimming and she's getting much better at swimming around with her floaties on. Aydan really likes to splash around in the water too! Its really starting to get a lot hotter down here. For the past few days, it has been in the upper 90's with the heat index in the lower 100's and people keep saying that it will still get hotter! Everyone around here says that they dread summer like we in Illinois dread winter and they can't wait for winter because then its like in the 60's and 70's. :)

We were down by the water the other night and I got this pic of the sunset; it was so pretty.

We saw this house in Kemah. This is how most of the houses along the coast look. They put them up on stilts in case of flooding and there are so many houses that are still damaged from Hurricane Ike.

We drove around by the Kemah Boardwalk again and saw some really cool boats. There are docks all around where people park there yachts and sailboats.

Just hangin out on the dock behind our apartment complex.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Jacinto Monument and Battleship

Today we visited the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Park about 25 minutes away. The ship was so neat and we liked to watch the ships and boats go by in the ship channel.

This is the battleship called the USS Texas. Its sitting in the water in concrete and you can go in and take a tour of the ship. Its crazy to think that that ship was actually used in battle in the war.

The Houston Ship Channel you can see from the monument park.

Money used back in the day.

Can you see us up there?

Inside the bottom of the monument there is a museum of the history of Texas and also an elevator that you can ride to the observation deck at the top.