Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The beach

Galveston beach is 30 minutes from our place so we have been going there every Sunday since we've been here. The kids love it; Aydan loves the sand and Kenzie likes playing in the water. When we were there last Sunday, the jelly fish were horrible, as you can see in one of the pics below. We heard someone say they saw dolphins, so we looked out into the water and sure enough you could see their fins come up out of the water and go back in. I tried to get a picture but it was so far away that you couldn't see it on the camera. It was awesome! I would love to see them close up!

The last time we went to the beach you had to be careful and watch out for jelly fish. They were so bad; kids were catching them with nets and collecting them in buckets like this. There were around 30 in this bucket when I took the picture. Danny even got a small sting by one when we first got there, before we knew they were a problem. So needless to say, we didn't get in the water after that. The kids played in the sand and I tried to get a tan. Instead of a nice brown glow, I ended up looking like someone painted me red! Its finally starting to go away; next time I might use some sun screen!

Kenzie made a new friend, Anna.

Danny and Aydan playing in the sand.

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Jodi said...

Looks like good 'ol summertime ... swim suites, sunscreen (well maybe next time), shoeless, and sand!!