Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Wow!! Its been a while and I am sure everyone has been waiting and waiting for a new post to make sure we are still alive!! Sorry but I never knew it would take so long for our internet to be activated. By the way our new email address is dkmabracken@verizon.net.

So we obviously made it down about a week and a half ago. It was a long drive, especially with the kids but they actually did pretty well. I dont even know where to start since we have a million and a half pictures that we have taken. I thought about making a slideshow with all of them which I still might do, but for now I will just show you a few of the better ones. These first few are from our first day or two here. The area is beautiful! Palm trees everywhere and the bay right behind our place. Its pretty easy to get around in too; its not crazy busy in our area and everything we could ever need is all right here. Right now we are still trying to adjust to apartment living. Its very different from what we're used to. Having to deal with loud neighbors once in a while and not being able to do laundry in our apartment kinda stink but we will just have to get used to it for now.

These rockets are right ouside Space Center Houston, which is just up the road 2-3 blocks.

Typical road in our neighborhood. We love palm trees and they are everywhere!!

They have been doing some maintenance to the pool and the landscaping so we have not used the pool yet.

Danny and the kids checking out the water on our first day here. This bay is right behind our apartment complex.

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