Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Saturday, June 6th was Danny's 28th birthday!! We went over to Uncle Jerry's for dinner. They made a Tex-Mex meal of fajitas, rice and beans, guacamole and chips, and cheesecake for dessert. The food was all delicious and we also enjoyed some marguaritas. The kids had a good time playing with their cousins Shawn and Aaron.

Danny checking out his b-day cake! It was cheesecake with fresh berries on top and it was sooo good!!

Aydan and Shawn getting ready to wrestle around. They have a good time playing with each other :)

Kenzie watching Uncle Jerry slice some limes.


Larissa said...

happy birthday danny! aka honey! haha jk! :)

Green's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!! Ha him and Craig are like 2 mths apart! Funny... Anyways looks like the kids are having a great time!