Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maybe its the lucky hat...

Since our apartment building is right by the water, Danny and the kids have been doing a lot of fishing off the dock.  Its so nice because we don't have to load up the truck and drive somewhere everytime they feel like fishing.  This past weekend, we were out there fishing, along with a few of Danny's friends that also live in the building.  We ordered some pizza's and were having a good time hanging out.  Although, as it got dark, bug spray was a neccesity!! Dang Texas mosquitos!!

Anyways, the guys really didn't have much luck catching fish, but Kenzie, on the other hand, caught 4 fish and 1 crab (but he bit the line and escaped).  She was so thrilled that she was catching all the fish.  She's such a serious fisherman too.  She wouldn't even say that she thought she had a bit on her line, she would just reel it in and show everyone.  We don't know if it was the hat (which is actually Danny's) or her Hannah Montana fishing pole that was giving her all the good luck :) 

Look who's 30!!


Yes, Danny turned 30 on Monday June 6th :)  I've been giving him a hard time about it but really its not that old (well, its not old until its my turn! YIKES!!!).  We were bored the other day and so I asked him if he wanted to go check out some retirement homes....he didn't think that was very funny ;).  30's one of those ages where you really start thinking about your life and what you have and have not accomplished yet.  Its like the official "grown-up" age.  I know I'm NOT looking forward to it but what can ya do.  You're only as old as you feel, right?

Anyways, I think he enjoyed his birthday.  I brought him chinese take-out for dinner (he loves chinese and I didn't have to cook so thats a win for both of us!) and we had cake and ice cream.  :)

Next week, we are looking forward to Danny's family coming to visit!!!!!   We can't wait!! We haven't seen them in a year!!  Thats way too long!