Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going to the city

Sunday we decided to ride the light rail up to downtown Houston and the museum district so the kids can experience riding the train and seeing the sights. Aydan loves trains so we knew he would really enjoy riding on one.

Daddy showing Kenzie where our stop was.

We went past the Astrodome on our way to downtown. That is where the Houston Astros used to play, now they play at Minute Maid Stadium.

Taking a walk downtown. This street is so pretty with all of the plants and the water down the center of the street.

After sightseeing in downtown, we got back on the tran and went to the museum district. Here is the Sam Houston monument.

When Danny and I came down to Houston last September to visit and check the area out, this is one of the places we visited. Weird to think that last time we were there, we wanted so bad to move here and now we are actually living here. Crazy how much things can change in so little time.

Near the museum district is Hermann Park. We went for a walk through there. They had pedal boats that you could rent. We were going to get one, but the line was so long and we didn't want to wait with the kids because it was so hot. Maybe next we will get one. They look like a lot of fun!

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Green's said...

How cool is all this stuff! Looks like lots of good times and many things to see!