Monday, August 10, 2009

You have to get out now!

Yesterday started out like any other Sunday. We got up in the morning and went to church. After church we came home, and relaxed. Eventually, we all took a nap, which does not happen very often! Anyway, we had all been up for about half and hour or so when all of a sudden there a knock at our door. I was a little hesitant to answer the door because its a little unusual for us to have any visitors. But, I opened the door and there was a guy standing there and he told us that there was a fire in the building and we need to get out now! I could smell the fire and could see the smoke so I knew he wasn't kidding. There was also a female police officer knocking on peoples' doors insisting they get out. I rushed back to the back of the apartment and told Danny that we had to get out because there was a fire. He thought I was kidding but I assured him that I was serious and he came out to the living room and also smelled the smoke. We frantically grabbed up the kids, my purse, the car keys, and rushed out the door. We are on the third floor, which is the top. The fire was also on the third floor, and the smoke was quickly filling up the hallway.

Firetrucks from several other areas were there and lots of police cars as well. We didn't know how long we would have to be out of the apartment so we ended up leaving for a bit, but we didn't stay gone very long because we were curious as to what was going on. Would the building still be there when we got back? Once we got back, everything looked like it was pretty much under control. As far as we could tell, the fire didn't spread very much and the firemen said everyone could go back in soon.

We were so thankful that it wasn't any worse than what it was. I don't know what we would have done if the whole building was destroyed. We didn't have enough time to grab all the stuff we would want to save, like pictures and other things that you cannot replace. Kenzie and Aydan did manage to grab one toy each, Kenzie had her stuffed monkey and Aydan had his monster truck. The kids did really well, they didn't seem scared at all. Danny and I were pretty scared at first just because we didn't know how bad it would get. We expected the worse. But, luckily everything ended up ok and we were able to get back into our apartment within a couple of hours. It really makes reality hit though that something like that could happen. You always think that it will never happen to you but it can happen to anyone.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have tried several times to update my blog with pictures but our computer has been giving us a very hard time lately. Its been really slow and it won't let me upload my pics to the blog. Sorry, I will keep trying.


Jodi said...

Yikes that would be scary....Good thing that you all got out of there and that nothing of yours got they know how it started and how many peoples appartments got ruined? Glad you are all okay.

Larissa said...

You updated! :) Im gald you are all ok! You seem to be living one experience after the other anymore, girl!

Green's said...

OH MY.. I am glad to hear that you all are safe! Thats so scary! WOW.. Thats the bad thing with apartment life someone elses error can effect you.. Stay safe!