Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Little 2nd Grader

Wow!! Kenzie started 2nd grade today! She's growing up way too fast! Everything usually goes pretty well the first day as far as getting up on time and getting ready without complaining. She was up and in a good mood and cooperated when I told her to get dressed. And, she let me do her hair! Now, if only her excitement will last throughout the school year! I won't hold my breath.

Anyway, she had her Meet the Teacher night last night, so we were able to find her room and everything. I took her to school today but from now on, she will be riding the bus to school and we'll see how that goes. After school, the daycare will pick her up for me, which is really helpful.
Here she is this morning before we left for school:

Here she is when we arrived at her school. The school she goes to is a newer building; it was built about 3 years ago.

She did great when I dropped her off at her classroom; she barely said bye to me as she went straight to her desk with the biggest smile on her face.


Jodi said...

She is growing up...it is so neat to see the enthusiasm that the little kids have and their excitement on going back to school. I hope that she stays that way for you too. Glad that she is excited to go in TX. Does she know any of the kids in her class? It is the second day of school here, and I am so glad that I don't have to go back. My siblings were working on homework last night already!! But that is HS for you!!

Green's said...

Wow.. can you believe that the summer is already done and another school year has begun! I hope you likes 2nd grade! Good luck to you and her! She looked oh so cute!

Take Care and Miss yas!

Kim said...

Jodi-no unfortunately she does not know anyone from her class but she will make new friends quickly ;) I thought it was kinda weird that she's the only one from her daycare to go to that school, but she is.

Liz-Thanks! I hope Serina enjoys 3rd grade-I'm sure will love it!

Have a great week all of you!