Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thirteen Thursday

Top 13 Reasons why I DON'T like Winter!

1) Scrapping the ice and snow off my car in the morning. Its takes so long and it usually makes me late for work.

2.) Wearing BIG, BULKY, winter coats! I hate wearing big ol' coats just to run up to the store real quick or even just to take the garbage out. I especially hate wearing them while driving in the car! Its so uncomfortable!

3) Shorter days. I absolutely hate how it gets dark so much sooner during winter time. Sometimes I'll still be at work and its completely dark outside. I feel like its time to go home and go to bed or something. Very depressing!

4) Cold weather! I wouldn't mind the winter so much if it were say, 60-70 degrees outside everyday! But this nonsense of being below freezing out is nuts!

5) Driving conditions. I've already been in the ditch once thats to the wonderful icy roads.

6) Trying to get kids ready in the morning takes twice as long. Does everyone have their hats, gloves, scarfs, snowpants and snowboots? It seems the kids are constantly loosing their gloves too!

7) Flu and cold season. Everyone seems to get sick at least once during the winter. The kids get the flu and they finally get over that and then the cold comes around. You just can't get away from it!

8) Dry air and static. I don't know about you but the dry air is horrible right now at our house! My skin has been so dry and forget about trying to do my hair in the morning, complete static once the brush touches it. Very frustrating!

9) Lack of exercise. Who wants to go for a walk when its blistering cold out! Not I! I don't do anything at all, as far as exercise goes, in the winter time and I pay for it in the winter when I'm trying to shed those extra winter pounds!

10) The kids are bored, VERY BORED! They want to play outside but usually can't because they'd freeze in a heart-beat so they usually drive me nuts with the "Mom, I'm soooo boooorrrreeeedddd! What can I do?" "Well you can go clean your room, " I say. "I don't want to" "Well you must not be that bored!" is what I usually say. Yes I sound like my mom:)

11) People are just overall kinda grumpy. I don't know if its the lack of sunshine and Vitamin D or what but it seems like during winter many people are just kinda cranky. I'll admit, I'm usually one of them:P

12) Being stuck in the house. This sorta goes along with lack of exercise, but we are stuck in the house alot during winter. Its so cold and icky outside that I don't even want to venture out. I don't go visit family as much and I try to avoid the trips to the store unless I absolutely HAVE too, you know like if I run out of toilet paper or something:)

13) No leaves on the trees and no flowers. Its so drab looking in the winter. All of the leaves have fallen off the trees leaving them bare and all of the pretty flowers that once bloomed are now gone!

I can't wait until Spring!!!


Jodi said...

Wow honey..i never knew that you felt that passionate about the horrible winter weather...I guess the South wouldn't be so bad!!! I hear ya on those things though.

Sara T said...

I like winter and this year I'm ready for Spring to come along. Maybe this weekend it will be a little nicer so that we can all go out and play.

Larissa said...


Green's said...

I would have to agree on most of what you said also.. So cold so dark and just BURR!! Plus getting the kids all ready seems to take forever with all those clothes!
Amen again!