Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little bit a nothin

I've been having trouble lately with uploading my pictures off of my camera and into my computer so unfortunately, I haven't been able to put any new pics on my blog. Yeah, I know, the blog has been lacking lately.

Just because I don't have pictures, doesn't mean I can't update my blog right, so I'll give you a short update.

Kenzie had 4 days off from school, lucky duck! Why can't we get those 4 day weekends too!! Well I can't say much, I did get Monday off at least for Presidents Day;) Yesterday at school, they made giant monster cookies and she brought some leftovers home. They were yummy! She also had her Valentines Day party at school and brough home all her cards from classmates. I was always so excited when we got Valentines at school. She had fun getting all of her cards ready to pass out to her classmates too and she had to remember to give a special one to her little crush she has. She even put some sort of lovey dovey sticker on it but I don't remember which one she picked. She talks about this boy a lot and one day I was going to write a post about something she had said about it but I asked her about it and she said she didn't want me to write about it because it was a secret. So, I couldn't dish about it because I didn't want to embarrass her and I didn't want to lose her trust already! I want to know about these things in her life.

And then there's Aydan. What can I say? He just cracks me up!! He's getting bigger by the day I think! When we took him to the ER last week he weighed 35 lbs!! Thats only about 5-6 lbs less than Kenzie! He wears a lot of 3T clothes and he's barely 2! He's talking a lot more too, or trying too anyway. I don't understand a lot of what he says but theres a few phrases he says a lot.

"Whoa!!! Nice." when he sees something he thinks is cool.

"What?" when you call for him.

"Why?" when you ask him to do something.

"I don't know"

"Come on" as he pulls on my hand to follow him somewhere.

"Oh man!" if he breaks a toy (or the batteries go dead in the toy)

"Hi daddy" ,"Hi mommy", "Hi Kenzie"

"Go bye-bye" when he wants to go somewhere.

And my least favorite of all: "NO!" Seems to be his favorite right now! I know he says it when he doesn't mean it too because the other day I asked him if he was hungry and he looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said, "No." Well, this kid is always hungry so I know he was mistaken:)

Theres more that he says too but you get the point. He's getting good at following directions, like if we tell him to go get something out of his room and he tries to get dressed himself but he hasn't quite mastered that one. Now we need to work on potty training! Any tips on potty training boys? Kenzie was very easy, but I hear girls are easier than boys so I don't know what to expect with him.


Green's said...

LOL You are SO right with the girls are easier.. unfortunetly what I hear bout that is it reverses in the teenage years! It does ring true thus far here! lol. As for getting big too fast I know what you mean! Time sure flies! Least we have these so we can keep up with each other from far away!

Take Care!

Sara T said...

Sounds like Kenzie has a lot of fun in school. I used to love to read my Valentine's Day cards. There wasn't anything you could put mean on the cards because it was all suppose to be nice stuff. Your baby is growing up. Ah! I know how you feel. Pretty soon he will be passing you up on weight. Cute. Hope that you get your camera figured out soon