Wednesday, February 18, 2009

13 Yr old Daddy! Huh?

Have you all heard about the 13 year old boy and 15 year old girl who just had a baby?? This is just totally and utterly horrifying! Seriously, its just crazy! I couldn't imagine having to be a parent at such a young age. Its really sad that these kids are going to have to go through this and miss out on their own childhood. As a parent it really freaks me out!!! Mackenzie will be a tween-ager before I know it and I want to make sure that this doesn't happen to her. I hope that talking to her about these issues at an early age will help her make smart decisions. My goodness, could you imagine me as a Grandma at age 33!! I certainly cannot. Its so important that parents stay involved in their childs' lives and know their friends and what they do in their spare time. Obviously, doing this without seeming too overprotecting could be a task in itself. Its especially difficult in this day and age with the internet chatting, text messaging, and Myspace type websites. I just hope that my kids have enough trust in us that they talk to us about the issues going on in their lives. It seems silly to be thinking about all this now, but they aren't getting any younger and times flies by. You only get one chance at raising your kids.

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Green's said...

That is nuts! You know the grandparents will be raisin em. So sad. I too second the be the over protective parent. I am and I'm proud, thats the only prevention for something of that nature!

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