Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pizza Party for the Birthday Girl

Kenzie turned 9 years old today!!! She's growing up on me way too fast!! We are so lucky to have such an awesome daughter!

Here she is striking a pose for me before we left for her party. We had her party this afternoon at Gatti's Pizza. We rented a private room and they provide a hostess for the party that helps with decorating and serving the food. Best of all, they clean up the mess; can't beat that! lol! :)
All we had to do was bring the cake and they did everything else.

Getting the party room decorated and waiting the the guests to arrive.

She had a great turnout for the party. I think about 12 kids came, including some friends from school/daycare and her cousins.

The party included lots of game tokens for each child so they got to enjoy the arcade room for a while too. Here's Aydan with a friend of his from daycare, who is the little brother of one of Kenzie's friends that came to the party. They had a good time playing with each other and its a good thing that there was another young boy there for him to play with.

Time for cake and ice cream...make a wish!!! We had to have a giant cookie cake too because those are the best! :)

We had a great time and are glad lots of her friends and family were able to come!

Tonight she's having a friend sleep over and they are having a good time playing. I think Aydan may be annoying them at the moment but I guess thats what little brothers are for ;) They told me they are going to stay up until 1:30am but that they may doze off before that. Thats good because I know I will, lol!

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Green's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!! I hope she had a great Birthday! By the looks of the pictures sure does look like a great time. Amazing how fast they grow up. Miss y'all!