Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Update on Aydan

Here is a little update on what's going on with Aydan. When we went in on Monday, they actually wanted to keep him overnight so they could keep an eye on him and check his burns the next morning. They said its a really deep 2nd degree and there's a spot on his left ankle that they are still unsure how they may need to treat. Its a possibility that they will need to do a skin graft on that spot, but I really hope not. So, we got to spend the day at the hospital, just hanging out. Not so fun with a 16 month old boy, but they brought us a wagon with a bunch of toys that Aydan could play with. That helped a little bit but it was still hard to keep him occupied. We took several wagon rides around the hospital. They brough a crib into our room for him to sleep in, but he refused. I don't blame him a bit; it was very scary looking, as you can see. So, he slept with me on the chair that pulled out into a bed. Danny got stuck sleeping in a recliner. They didn't give us a cot to sleep on. Needless to say, none of us got very much sleep. In the morning, they had a plastic surgeon come in to look at his burns to see if he thought he would need surgery. At first they wanted us to stay another night but they ended up letting us go home-thank goodness!! They are still unsure what they want to do with that spot on his left ankle so we do need to go back to Springfield on Thursday so they can hopefully make a decision. When we changed his dressings last night, Danny and I both thought that they looked a lot better, but we will see what the doctors think.

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Sara T said...

I hope your family and Ayden have a quick recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers.