Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bible School

This week, Mackenzie has been going to Vacation Bible School in the evenings at the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Forrest. Shes had a lot of fun there with all of the activities and crafts that they do. With school being out, I think its good for her to be around other kids and to be learning new things. I'm sure she enjoys being able to get out of the house without Mom and Dad too. Tonight was the last night of the bible school so the kids put on a little program with some songs and dances for the parents to watch. It was pretty cute.

After the program, they had cookies and lemonade for everyone.

Here are some of the kids outside trying to catch lightning bugs.

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rcmiller said...

We think it was awesome for Kenzie to be able to go to Bible School. It looks like she had fun.
Love Grandpa & Grandma M.