Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good and Bad news

I'll give you the good news first:
Yesterday we had to take Aydan back to Springfield so they could look at his burns again and finally make a decision on what to do. They decided that his legs are showing enough signs of healing that he would not need any skin grafting-thank goodness!!! He should be mostly healed in a few weeks so that is wonderful. That is what we had hoped they would say. Actually, his right leg that had the smaller burn doesn't even need to be wrapped in gauze anymore. It is healing really well. He's getting around really good and he is starting to stand a lot more. Now he just needs to go back to Springfield in about 3 weeks so they can check on him. We're glad that we don't have to go back more often than that. Its such a long drive and its not cheap with the price of gas now!!

Heres the bad news:
On our way down last Thursday, we hit a HUGE pothole on the interstate. It was scary. We thought for sure we would have blown a tire or something. But, we kept on driving and made it there and back without any problems. It wasn't until two days later that we saw the damage to our wheels. The right front and back aluminum wheels were cracked pretty bad and there is a bubble in each of those tires, which Danny said means that there is a belt broke inside. We can't believe that we made it home driving on those wheels like that. So, now we have to get that fixed, but luckily insurance will pay for fixing it.

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