Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funny Faces

I got a couple of pictures of Aydan while he was eating the other day. I'm not sure what he was doing in this one, but it looks pretty funny!

Here he is with a big smile :)

Now he's pretending to be shy-we know better, Aydan

One of his favorite toys now is my cell phone. He'll grab it out of my purse and walk around the house with it. "Hi" he says as he puts it up to his ear. Then he'll close it and bring it down by his hip, like he's going to clip it there, like Dad does. He's also starting to get more into playing with cars and trucks. He's even starting to make the noises to go along with them.

Just to update everyone on Aydan's burns, they are healing really, really well. We aren't even wrapping them anymore. They've gotten so much better just in the past two weeks, we can't believe it. The other day after we took his wraps off for the last time and let him stand up, he pointed to his foot and looked at us like whats going on, I can see my feet again. Its nice that he's getting back to normal. He can wears shoes again and play outside.

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Sara T said...

The pictures are pretty adorable. I'm glad to hear that he is healing very well. Kids heal quicker than adults I believe.