Saturday, June 28, 2008

Outdoor Pics

The weather was so great on Saturday!! The kids love to be outside playing. Aydan is such a busy-body. He's constantly getting into something he's not suppose to and boy does he get mad when someone tells him no!! He likes to play out in the yard, but we have to keep a close eye on him, especially living right on the highway. He also tries to be Dad's helper out in the garage. He grabs the tools and pretends to work on the lawn mower. Kenzie is pretty content just riding her bike up and down the sidewalk or making a hopscotch with her chalk. I can't believe how big shes getting. I think she's 6 going on 15! She can have such an little attitude sometimes (her teenage years ought to be exciting !) She and Aydan are pretty much total opposites! When she was his age, she was so good, never got into anything, at least from what I remember. And he seems to get into any and everything. Also, she is quite a jabber mouth and Aydan is pretty quiet, for the most part. Aydan is such a great sleeper. He has slept through the night since he was two months old. Well, there is times once in a while where he does wake up, but when Mackenzie was a baby, it seemes like got up at least once every night until she was like three years old. But, we couldn't ask for better kids. We are very blessed to have such a great family!

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Uncle Jarrad said...

you guys indeed have great kids and are blessed. love being around them, not just cause there family, but cause there alot of fun. cant wait til aydan grows up more and starts to talk and we can do more with him. Kenize is growing up to be a greata girl and will make plenty of friends with her personaility.