Monday, December 15, 2008

What happened to my little baby?

Here's Aydan, after yet another haircut, with his favorite snack-mini marshmallows. This kid would seriously eat ALL DAY LONG if you let him!! I think he looks so much older with his hair short like that. He's definately not my little baby anymore! He's growing up way too fast!This is the cat's favorite resting place-up inside the branches of the Christmas tree! Everyday when I come home, I have to re-adjust all of the branches and ornaments because the cat has been laying in there and messing it all up. I think I'm missing about half of the ornaments that were originally on the tree, between the cat running off with them and Aydan pulling them off the tree. Its a darn miracle that the thing is still standing!

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Larissa said...

He is so cute!!! And your cat--hilarious!!! I didnt even notice it at first!