Monday, December 1, 2008


I had quite a scary little incident this morning on my way to work. The roads were pretty icy today from all of the snow and sleet from last night. My car does horrible on ice anyway because its rear-wheel drive. I'm driving down the highway and I just barely get out of town and I don't know if I braked a little bit or accelerated a little bit but my car starts swerving and fish-tailing. I'm trying to correct it but its so slippery I think it just made it worse. Anyway, I slide across the other lane and spin around and land in the ditch. It was so scary!! I'm just glad that there were no cars coming in the other lane-that could of been very bad!! Poor Aydan didn't know what to think. After sitting there shocked for a second, I grab my cell phone and call Danny. All I could say was, "Um.. I'm in the ditch." He was on his way out of town too so he stopped by and picked us up. Kenzie was with him and she asked, "Mom, how did you get the car in the ditch?" "I have no idea, " I told her. I was so upset and so embarrassed about the whole thing. What a great start to a Monday! Well, luckily Danny and his dad were able to get my car out this morning, but now I'm too paranoid to go anywhere! And this is the first snow!

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Green's said...

O wow I am glad to hear that you are all alright! How scary! Be careful.. looks to be another wild winter!