Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas morning

I give up on the whole 'pictures in the right order' thing!!!!

For us, Christmas started at around 7am, which I was very surprised about! Danny and I were wondering if we needed to go wake them up! Kenzie was up before Aydan so she went to see what all Santa had brought. She was just so excited and for Danny and I, that was the best part. Just seeing the look on both of their faces, knowing that they were so happy was priceless. Its funny how when you were a kid, Christmas was mostly about getting gifts than giving and now as an adult and parent, its definately all about the giving part!

Once Aydan was up Kenzie started passing out the gifts and opening them.

Kenzie wearing her new hat and scarf. Now she can really stay warm in this subzero weather:)

Aydan with his cowboy hat on. Since he didn't end up being a cowboy for Halloween, we just gave him his cowboy stuff for Christmas. He wore the hat all morning! Doesn't he look so cute!!

This was supposed to be the first picture but here's Kenzie in front of the tree. Aydan's not in it because he was still in bed.

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Sara T said...

Your Christmas's sounded like it was a good one. I always wanted a camera when I was a young girl but my parents never trusted me with one. I love the cowboy hat. My boys would never keep on their heads.