Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enjoying the outdoors...

When we can, we've been trying to get outside more, if the weather permits. The temps have been changing from day to day. It'll be 66 one day and 52 the next but I really can't complain. Overall, its been great weather, except for the rain. I am just hoping for nice weather for this weekend. Why? Because my family is coming!! WOO HOO! I can't wait! So far the forecast is showing sun and around 62-65 most days! I hope it stays that way! They will arrive Thursday evening and will be here until late morning or so on Monday. Very quick trip, but at least we'll get to see them.
Here's Kenzie wearing her pink hat. She had it for about 3 days and now its lost. We can't find it anywhere. Good thing it only cost me a buck fifty :)
Goofy Aydan being ornery as ever! My little man turns 4 on Saturday!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!

Walking down the dock with the dog at the apartment.

This is at the park where we go a lot to feed the birds. There were a ton of them on this day. The area we live in is called a Bird Santuary and is known for the variety of birds, especially in the winter.

We even saw this little guy! We saw him swimming in the water and he even ate some of the bread we threw in. Then Hunter saw him and barked at him. That scared him so he swam away and hid. Later on we saw him venture onto land. Kenzie knew right away that it was a beaver because he had orange looking teeth. A little known fact I never knew?? But she was right...can you see his orange front teeth? LOL! Weird!
Well, I guess thats about all for today. Not much new going on, just wanted to share a few pics.

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