Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Boy!!

Aydan celebrated his 4th birthday on Saturday, January 29th! He's getting so big so fast! My family was here from IL so that was great that they could celebrate with us! I'll have to write more on their visit in another post.

Here he is with his giant cookie cake. Yes, they spelled his name wrong :( Oh well, I didn't order it ahead of time so I guess thats what I get, lol! It still tasted pretty good!

Holding up 4 fingers to show us his age.

We got him this Mobigo video game for his birthday and he loves it!!!! He's constantly playing it! Between that and our Wii, he is always wanting to play with one of them. At least he doesn't bug me about playing with my cell phone as often lol! We have Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Wii (the old school Nintendo version) and Aydan is really getting good at it. He can pass several of the levels on his own. I like the Mobigo because at least it has educational games that he can play.

He's moved up to the 4 year old class at his daycare, which is basically like Pre-school. He's doing really well. He has such a goofy personality, but he's my little cuddle bug too. The faces he makes and some of the things he says crack us up! I don't know where he comes up with some of the stuff!

Anyways, thats all for now, but hopefully soon I'll post on my family's visit. We had a great time with them.

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