Monday, January 10, 2011

Monster Jam!

Saturday night we went to Monster Jam at Reliant Stadium. This was the kids first time and they really enjoyed it-thanks to their ear plugs, lol! Along with monster trucks, they had 4 wheeler races, stadium trucks, and flip contests, which is where they had these street stock cars drive up a small ramp to see how many times they could flip the car. Only about 3 or 4 cars were actually able to flip over and I think the winner flipped twice.
Before the event started, they let people down in the stadium to look at the Monster Trucks and get autographs from the drivers. It was so packed down there so we didn't stay down long before we went up and found our seats.
This is the view from our seats with everyone still down in the stadium. This is the same field that the Houston Texans play NFL football and the crowd makes it look small!

Here's one of the trucks out on the track. The Monster Trucks raced and they also did freestyle performances, which is the best part.

Having a snack before everything started.

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Jodi said...

wow it looks like youv'e got a busy life. I haven't checked up on you for a while, so I had a bit of reading to do. Now that we aren't supposed to check this stuff out at work anymore. Hope all turns out alright with Kenzie. For christmas we found out that we are going to have another neice or nephew!!!!