Thursday, August 26, 2010

just one of those mornings....

This morning was one of those mornings that you could tell was going to be bad from the moment you woke up. After my alarm went off, I shut it off as usual to try to get a few more minutes of sleep in (every second counts ya know!) Well a few minutes turned into about 23 extra minutes! Ooops! So I jump out of bed, hope in the shower, then try to wake up the kids.

My kids are not morning people, in fact, they are far from it! I know it doesn't help when Aydan won't stay in his bed at night when I tuck him in. He will sneak out of his room and slowly walk into the living room (or wherever I am at) and say, "Um Mom, I need another hug and kiss."

Cute, yes.

But we he does it over and over again, yeah, not so much. His antics effect Kenzie's sleep since they share a room, so by the time everyone gets settled in, it's way past their original bedtime. I'm thinking I need to come up with a better routine of getting them in bed and staying in bed a lot sooner.

So anyway, back to this morning. I finally get them woke up (or at least in a zombie-like stage.) Aydan's first words are of course, "I want some fruit snacks!" When I told him no he couldn't have them for breakfast, he threw a major fit. At that moment, I probably would have given in just to get him moving but they were all gone-bummer! So while he's throwing a fit, I tell Kenzie to get up and get dressed so she has time to eat if she wants to. Well she's not the most cheerful ball of sunshine in the mornings either and throws the blanket over her head. I finally just say, "You better get up and get moving or you'll be late for school," and head back to my room to finish getting myself ready at least.

Aydan finally staggers into the kitchen and says he wants PB&J toast so I get everything out to make his toast. I go to the pantry and grab the peanut butter. "I WANTED TO GET THE PEANUT BUTTER DOWN!" I said, "Aydan, it was too high for you to reach." "BUT I WANT TO GET IT DOWN."


I go back to the pantry and put the peanut butter back on a lower shelf so he can reach it and get it down for me. He goes over to get it and is mad that I put it lower so he climbs up a shelf just because. *sigh*

I get his toast made finally. In the meantime, Kenzie finally crawled out of bed and got dressed. She comes in to get something to eat. I got her some cereal and of course since Sissy (thats what he calls Kenzie) is getting cereal, Aydan thinks he needs cereal too. He finished his toast so I give him a little bit of cereal too. While they are eating and arguing back and forth, I go back and try to finish getting ready.

Once Kenzie is done eating, I tell her we need to do her hair. I brush through it trying to be careful because she is very tender-headed, but somehow it hurts her anyway so she gets mad at me.

Then, I get Aydan's clothes out and tell him we need to get him dressed. He sees what clothes I have for him and gets mad. "I WANT TO WEAR A BUTTON SHIRT!" I tell him that he just wore his button shirt on Monday so he cannot wear it again until I wash it. He continues to throw a fit about it. I get him dressed while he's crying, grab his shoes, my purse, and my lunch, and I tell Kenzie that we gotta go. I have to pick up Aydan and carry him because he's still upset about his clothes (since when do boys care what they wear anyway?)

So he cries all the way out to the car as I try to carry him, my purse, and my bag of lunch down the hallway, down the elevator and across the parking lot.

By the time we get to Kenzie's school, everyone has finally calmed down and gotten over it. So I get her dropped off and head to the daycare to get Aydan dropped off. Luckily, he did good at daycare at doesn't throw a fit in his room (you never know with him, sometimes he does great and other times he cries and doesn't want me to leave.).

Whew!!! Talk about being exhausted before my day even begins, lol!!! Oh well, I am sure everyone (mom's especially) have days like this. And I wouldn't have it any other way! (well maybe with a little less crying :)

Here's to a better morning tomorrow!

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Sara T said...

Our mornings are like that too at times but I agree I won't want it any other way. My boys are very picky about what they wear.