Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school....

Kenzie started 3rd grade (crazy, I know!) on Monday. She was so excited to be going back finally. I'm so thankful that she enjoys school as much as she does! I hope the enthusiasm continues all year! Since we moved over the summer, she did have to change schools unfortunately. It's in the same district, which is great because its one of the best rated districts in Texas.
I think I was more nervous than her about her new school and having to meet new kids. She makes friends so easily.
Here she is Monday morning before we headed off to school. Isn't she so pretty :)

So far this week, she has loved it! She's made friends in her class and she really likes her new teacher. She said next week they will start having homework-"the best part!!" as she put it! And yes, she was serious! She can't wait to be given homework! We'll see if she's still so excited about it come spring after the new-ness wears off ;)


Jodi said...

ahh that is so sweet that she is excited still. yah um, homework....time will tell!

Larissa said...

Her outfit is adorable!