Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girl Time (a.k.a Shopping!!)

Last weekend Kenzie and I had some much needed girl time. I wanted to take her shopping for some new school clothes. I can't even remember the last time just her and I went shopping together We left the boys at home and headed out. There's so many stores and shops in our area; I just love it!! It's very similar to the Bloomington-Normal area (for all of you IL readers to picture what I mean)

We made several stops, including Burlington Coat Factory, a few stops at Baybrook Mall, and last, but not least, Walmart. We had so much fun! Kenzie had such a unique sense of style. I loved watching her pick out her clothes, showing me what she likes and dislikes. Like, seriously, why didn't they make cute girls clothes when I was growing up? Well, I guess it wouldn't have mattered because I was such a tom-boy.

I love spending time with my little girl, but sadly, she's growing up way too fast! She'll be starting 3rd grade next week and is in love with Justin Bieber. She tells me about her friend drama and who likes who at daycare and school. I just hope that we can remain very close and that she feels comfortable talking to me about what's going on in her life as she gets older.

She's such a good sister to Aydan. She puts up with playing cars and trucks with him; she comforts him when he gets in trouble; she reads to him; she's just the best. Most of all, she puts up with having to share a room with him while we are still in a 2 bedroom apartment. Once in a while, she'll complain that he's making a mess, but for the most part, she makes it work. She loves keeping her toys and stuff in order and is always willing to help clean around the house.

Hopefully, we can have another 'girl day' sometime soon. I'd really like to make it something we do quite often. If not shopping, then just going to a movie or something.

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