Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Beachy....

Danny and the kids have been doing a lot of fishing lately.  Aydan caught this fish (I think Danny said it was a croaker?) the other day off the dock behind our apartment.  He was so excited!  I love this picture so I had to post it :)
Yesterday, we went to San Luis Pass, which is at the west end of Galveston.  Danny and a friend of his wanted to try salt water fishing and had heard that this was a good place to try it.  While they fished, the kids and I had fun wading in the water and relaxing on the beach. 

Here's Kenzie and Aydan playing in the water.  Kenzie mostly played in the sand on the beach making sand castles and shell-hunting, but Aydan couldn't stay out of the water.  The water was pretty shallow where they are playing and just a little further out was a sand bar where the water was only ankle deep.  In the background you can see Danny and his friend standing out in the water fishing.  They are just past the sand bar, where it did get much deeper so the kids weren't allowed to go that far.  The sand bar blocked all the waves though so the kids could play in calmer water, which was nice.

An ice cream truck went by and of course the kids were ready for a cold treat!  Yummy!

I was walking along the sand bar looking for shells for Kenzie and I saw this little hermit crab swimming along so I picked it up to take a look.  Kenzie loved it!!  She wanted to keep it but I told her if we kept it, it would likely die so I convinced her that we needed to release him.

We spent the entire afternoon at the beach and we took our grill so we made some hot dogs.  The guys didn't catch much but some people next to us caught a small hammer head shark!  Kinda scary to think that sharks could be swimming so close by.

I put sun screen on the kids a couple of times and somehow they still managed to get a little sunburnt.  Of course me trying to get some color did not put sun screen on so I ended up very burnt and I am very sore today!  Well, I guess I did put some on, after we were there for about 2 hours and I could already tell I was getting red.  I wanted some color but was hoping for a golden broze color, not bright red....Ugh!  I should know better!!  Aloe vera gel is my best friend right now!

Overall, we all had a great time at the beach!  I'm so glad summer is upon us!!

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