Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bug boy

Lately, Kenzie has been learning about insects in school and is always wanting to go outside and find a "pet" to keep in a plastic container. The other day Danny put a bunch of different insects in a little aquarium for her. She loves it!!! Inside theres 2 praying mantises, a cricket, a caterpillar, a locust, and a grasshopper. I know, YUCK!!! Anyway, Aydan has been fascinated by them as well and loves to watch them up close and personal, as you can see:)


Sara T said...

All those bugs living together in your home. Yuck!! Gavin is a huge bug fan and wants to try to kill them though. I'm a little worried about it. It must be a boy thing. I love the black and white theme.

:) said...

So Kenzie likes bugs and Aydan likes Dolls ??!?!?! Bet Danny likes this a little bit more for Aydan.