Friday, September 19, 2008

"Breaking News" Praying Mantis eats Caterpillar!

We let Kenzie take her insect collection to school yesterday, since they are learning about them in class. All the kids thought is was pretty neat and another girl brought some bugs and a frog in too. Kenzie was pretty upset though when I picked her up last night. When I asked her about it, she told me that the praying mantis ate the caterpillar that was in there. She said "its guts were hanging out." Poor kid, hope shes not traumatized. Maybe we should have done some research on what eats what before sticking them all in there together. I guess its a "bug eat bug world." Whoa, how cheesy was that. Sorry. Well, last night we cleaned out the aquarium and let some of the bugs go free. Now we have one grasshopper and one caterpillar. And we noticed that one of the caterpillars has made a cocoon in a shell that was in there so we kept that too. Kenzie can't wait for it to turn into a butterfly, but I told her when it did, we'd have to let it go. She wasn't very happy about that.

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