Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Excited!

I'm so excited y'all!! I get to see my sister and niece Melanie on Thursday and they'll be here for a week!!! Woot Woot!! Yeah, I've been counting down the days. Kenzie is very excited to see Melanie too! They are only about 18 months apart in age so they have a lot of fun together. There's so much I want to show them and do when they come!! I really hope we have good weather when they are here. Its been a little rainy lately. So far, the forecast is calling for sunny and low to mid 70's for the first several days they will be here.

Another exciting thing I just heard yesterday is that my Grandma Nila (my Dad's mom) is flying in on Sunday to stay with my uncle (her son) for a few days, then staying with my aunt (her daughter) for a few days. So, we'll get to see her too this weekend. I'll try to take lots of pics so I can post them later.

Well, this past weekend, we moved to a different apartment at the same building we were in. I know, seems like we move a lot!! Hopefully now we will stay put for a while. I really hate the moving process!! Ugh!! Our other apartment was great, but it was just a little to small. We were quickly growing out of it. The living room was very small and it wasn't very open. Our new place still has 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms but the living room area is much bigger with a separate dining area. Our bedroom is much bigger too. The only downfall really is that there doesn't seem to be as much storage space, but we've made it work.

Hmmm, seems like there was something else I wanted to tell you too....?

I can't remember what it was, so until it hits me I just wanted to say what the heck is up with these gas prices lately??? Geez!! Houston usually has the some of the lower prices for gas and its still hitting like $3.34/ gallon! And that was a few days ago! Its probably gone up since I've last noticed. All this drama in the Middle East needs to chill out or something. Better yet, maybe we shouldn't depend so much on other countries for our needs.

And omg...Charlie Sheen! He has totally gone off the deep end! It's like not even funny anymore! This guy needs some serious intervention! But the sad part is people are too concerned with making money off of his antics than they are with trying to get the guy some help! It's ridiculous really!

Well, I can't think of what it was that I wanted to say, so I guess that's all the rambling I'll do for now, lol!

Have a great day folks!



Larissa said...

Yeah! Sounds like you will be busy with your family! That is awesome that you get to see everyone as much as you do!

Green's said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy also. Sorry I ain't posted in a while been sooo busy. I know what you mean bout gas in WI it's like 3.70 or so.. probably higher now that was a few days ago. Jus crazy! Take care!