Monday, November 15, 2010

bunk beds, stockings, and other things I accomplished this weekend......

The kids got a new set of bunk beds-Finally! I put them together all by myself, except for the beams that go across the bottoms. As you can see, Aydan helped out a little too! He is obsessed with this drill now! He did a pretty good job :)

Here is the finished product. They can be switched to 2 individual twin beds too, which will be nice when the kids get their own bedrooms eventually.
I'm a little bit leary of Aydan being on the top but we will see how he does-so far so good. Kenzie wanted the bottom so she can hang up blankets from the top bunk and have her own little "tent." They love the beds and so do I. They still have lots of room in their bedroom to play. Hunter likes the new beds too, as you can see he's made himself comfortable.

We tried something a little different than we've done before and I bought some plain Christmas stockings and some craft supplies and let the kids decorate them themselves. Well, I ended up making Aydan's because he lost interest after a while and went and played, but Kenzie did her's entirely on her own. Aren't they cute? ;)

Kenzie and I decorated one for Hunter too. Santa might bring him some treats this year.

~Have a great week!!~


Green's said...

Those bunk beds are adorable and so are the stockings. Looks like lots of fun also! Have a great week!

Jodi said...

wow you are just MRS HANDYWOMEN... the bunk beds are very cute! looks like you have fun "crafting"

Larissa said...

Those are really neat. And years from now will be good memories!