Wednesday, September 29, 2010

time flies when you're having fun.....

I can't believe its been so long since my last post!! September is almost over and it seems like just yesterday it had just begun!

We've just been busy keeping up with life. Our days are not long enough! Danny goes to class 3 days a week, which didn't sound like much when he first signed up, but now that he's doing it, its a lot. Its going good though. He's in Math and Comp. 1 right now and needless to say, he's been busy with homework and studying. He's doing great, especially considering its been like 12 years since he was in high school :) I've thought about going back myself but there's no way we could both do it at the same time so we'll have to see what happens.

Kenzie's doing well in school so far. She had to memorize the Pre Amble to the US Constitution! Can you believe that! I don't remember having to do that in 3rd grade; I thought it was more like Jr. High? Yesterday, she came home and said that they moved her to a different classroom. I guess her school got a new 3rd grade teacher and they took 5 students from each of the other classes to fill up the new teacher's class and she happened to be one of the students. So hopefully she likes her new teacher as well as she liked her old teacher! I guess we'll find out today.

I had my Golden birthday on Monday; 27 on the 27th. Now I'm just one year closer to 30 :( I'm freaking out about that age!! On Saturday, the museum district had its annual free day for 17 different museums so thats what we decided to do. Well, I think everyone in Houston had the same idea because it was absolutely crazy! We went to Natural Science museum first. Aydan loved to see the big dinosaurs! There was just so many people that we couldn't really stop and take our time looking at things. After that I really wanted to take the kids to the Childrens Museum, which was a few blocks away from the Natural Science museum so we walked. Well, the line to get in wrapped around the corner so we didn't even try to wait in line. We went across the street to the Health museum. And again, it was so packed you really couldn't see much. It was pretty neat though because there was a tour of inside the human body which was cool. After we left that museum we decided to call it quits. The kids were tired, bored, and hungry by then so we went and had lunch.

This week we've finally enjoyed some fairly cooler weather. Its been in the low 80's during the day and around 65 at night so I can finally open the windows and let some fresh air in. Its been nice not have to run the A/C much anymore. Hopefully this cool trend continues because I'm so ready for it!! :)

I'm looking forward to Halloween coming up next month. I've been trying to think of some costume ideas for the kids. When I ask them what they want to be Kenzie says she wants to be a princess or a witch and all Aydan says is that he wants something with a mask.

Well, thats about all thats going on in our lives right now. Keep checking back for more updates :)

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