Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking the plunge...

Well, its a start anyway. Ever since Kenzie was little, she'd been a little weary of water. She liked to play in water as long as it wasn't too deep but absolutely hated if she got water in her face. We've been trying to work with her at home and trying to get her more comfortable in the water. When she was in IL earlier this summer, she actually did learn how to doggy-paddle and she does that really well. Our next step is trying to get her to put her head under water so she can start to swim under water. After much cohersion (and seeing that her brother was doing it), she put her head under water. Yay!!!! She was very happy that she could do it and after realizing that she wasn't going to drown, she did it more and more.
We were going to have her take swimming lessons this summer but summer is about over already.
We'll keep working with her and hopefully before long, she's swimming like a fish.

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